Return to Center

The traditional approach to strength and conditioning has been all about getting bigger and stronger, but at what cost? Joint pain, tendinitis, bursitis, non-contact sports injuries, and lower back pain are just a few of the potential by-products.

In Return to Center, Rocky Snyder takes a refreshing approach to improving human performance without the drawbacks of pain and reduced mobility. This new methodology bases each program on the individual, their posture, and their unique gait pattern. No two people have identical lives, so why should they have identical programs?

ISBN: 978-1-64307-548-8

Reviews & Testimonials

  • Jill Miller

    Author of The Roll Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better in Your Body

    “All of the motion-based elements of human health are packed into this opus for the modern mover. Rocky takes us through a historical tour of the fitness ‘craze’ and brings us to the present moment—from movement minefield to mind body practicality. He respectfully offers a subtle, streamlined, and manageable program that speaks to professionals, practitioners, and fitness consumers alike. Within it you’ll find stories of his clients who have unravelled decades of injuries, compensations, and surgical challenges into a painless life. It’s a book that validates the potential in all of us to shift our structure into a newfound sense of center.”

  • Joel F. Wade, Ph.D.

    Author of The Virtue of Happiness

    “Return to Center is an essential book for understanding how to live and perform well in your body for a lifetime, whether in daily activities or high-level athletics. The soundness of the principles Rocky writes about in this book, and his skill and expertise in applying them, has made it possible for me to achieve every one of my goals as an older athlete in water polo, without injury; including two world championships and multiple national championships.”

  • Dr. Herby Bell

    Professor, Clinical Education Faculty, Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, CA

    Rocky Snyder’s always fresh, cutting-edge approach to moving intelligently jumped off the pages and into my life and practice in this important book. This is a must-read for clinicians, coaches, elite athletes, or weekend warriors–anyone who is interested in informed, thoughtful, and actionable information about applied biomechanics for your sport or lifestyle practice of choice. It’s one thing to get well, but Rocky teaches us how to stay well, prevent injury, and live an active, vibrant life. A no-brainer.”

  • Robert E. McAtee

    Author of Facilitated Stretching and Sports Massage for Injury Care

    “In Return to Center, Rocky Snyder has done an extraordinary job of investigating and delineating the many complex variables of exercise and physical training and presenting them in an accessible and very readable way to help people move better and train intelligently. I highly recommend this book to fitness professionals as well as anyone interested in improving their health and fitness.”

  • Katherine Beiers

    Boston Marathon winner in the over 80 age category

    “Utilizing this method of training & conditioning has helped me continue to compete in several marathons and shaved fifteen minutes off of my Big Sur half marathon time to achieve a personal best! This approach allows me to pursue my passion without career-ending injuries.”

  • Scott Hannan

    NHL Defenseman, San Jose Sharks

    “I can attest to Rocky’s unbelievable understanding, of the human body. His training methods can and will help you in any arena of life. As an NHL hockey player, I used many of these principles throughout my career, which I believe helped me play 16 years and over 1,000 games. Rocky is definitely one of the Elite trainers in the field today!”

  • Gerard “GP” Pearlberg

    Professional Running Coach, USATF; author of, Run Tall, Run Easy; Head Coach, Boomer Esiason Foundation NYC

    “In Return to Center, Rocky Snyder has done it again! Providing world class functional health instruction & information in a user friendly, informative way, all the while conveying his deep knowledge and caring for his reading audience. A must-read for athletes and general population alike!”